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State Certification for Alcohol Sellers, Servers, Bartenders, Waiters, & Waitresses

Do you need a state-approved bartender certificate to serve alcohol?

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Many areas in the United States require that anyone who sells, serves or handles alcohol must be certified or take a responsible alcohol serving course. Professional Server Certification Corp (PSCC) offers state-approved online courses which will help you get certified as an alcohol seller, server or bartender.

Responsible Serving<sup>®</sup> course provides certified alcohol seller, server or bartender training online!In addition, all of our courses are completely designed to be taken online. This means you are able to access and take the course through any device that has access to the internet; including handheld devices like tablets, notebooks, or even your smartphone.

Professional Server Certification Corp is backed by professional staff members that are willing to answer any questions you might have. PSCC can also accommodate you with an Employer Account if you are looking to get your entire staff certified.

3 easy steps to get your state bartender License or server certification: Responsible Serving<sup>®</sup> allows you to print your offical alcohol traning certificate online!
  1. Order your state's "Responsible Serving® Course
  2. Take the course online at your leisure 
  3. Print your official certificate online instantly
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No waiting for snail mail to arrive! However, we can send your certificate by mail if you request it.

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*Limited time special offer. Special price not available in all states. Course is approved or recommended in most states.*

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